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Our Table has been Full: Food, Family, Friends, and Fellowship

Since the middle of March, we have lived in one of the most unprecedented times in our lifetime. I don’t think anyone could anticipate what living through a “Shelter in Place” order would mean. As a society we are so used to being connected by human contact in our daily lives that it comes as quite a shock to immediately put the brakes on the everyday comings and goings of our daily lives.

Of course, for many of us, restaurants, in some way or other, have become an integral part of our lives. Different people go out to eat more often than others, or for different reasons. For some it is a weekly ritual. For some it is an old family tradition. Others see it is a good way to meet up with friends or catch up with family. For a few, it is their nightly supper table. Regardless of reasons, these establishments have been woven through the very fabric of everyday lives.No matter the location the dinner table has been a gathering spot and a time of coming together for centuries. 

To suddenly see them have to turn on a dime and do business very differently to attempt, in some way, to accommodate us has been a real challenge. There is no real blueprint on how to navigate new rules in the middle of a crisis. Yet, we have been able to witness the commitment and creativity of these businesses to make this all work in the most uncertain of circumstances. These folks have done it out of survival, but also deep down they have done it as part of something greater as it relates to the community.

Through this Facebook group we, too, have been able to try and step up and do our part to help support and prop up these places we hold so near and dear to our hearts during the most challenging hours of their existence.  As we enter into phase four and get to actually walk back in and sit down in these old familiar places I just wanted to say THANK YOU to all of the restaurants, businesses, as well as you all that have gone out of your way to support them during all of this craziness by eating your way through the county.

I think my heart has been fullest when I read about families deciding with their kids or grand children what places to eat out at next and support. Or the posts about someone trying a place they have never been before and adding it to their list to return to when things get back to normal. So many great stories and acts of kindness through the last three months. Who knew Bingo could bring us all together.

When I started this page I never imagined it would get this big or have this much of an impact. I just wanted to be able to eat out more easily by having access to some information. Clearly this became much more because of a community that truly cares-- and circles the wagons in times of need. I am going to leave the page up for people to continue using and sharing but will take the “Shelter in Place” off the title to reflect the phasing back in of eat-in dining. I hope you all will still fill the page with posts of pictures and specials and continue to extend your support in the next phase of reopening. We still have a long way to go, but living in a place like this I like our chances. Our “Table” has truly been full this spring. Thanks again to all of you. So proud to live here and call this my home.


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